Why the hell is there Christmas music now???

Jesus H. Flippin’ Christ! I’m driving to work today since I had my final post-operartion Doctor’s appointment (still for the finger), and I’m scanning the FM stations in-between the commercials, when I pick up 99.1 WMYX in Milwaukee. Now, I don’t normally listen to “The Mix” and honestly, except for working at the gas station in college when they’d have the cheesy late-night DJ doing the “Love Songs” segment, I would just as soon skip past it if my stereo ever landed on the station.

But they’re playing 24-hours a day, everyday — Christmas music. “Little Drummer Boy” by Neil Diamond came on. WTF???

Call me the Grinch, but it’s friggin’ the FIRST WEEK OF NOVEMBER!!!! We don’t have any snow on the ground. There are no Christmas sales on yet! People still have Halloween decorations up!

I swear to God if I hear just one song off of “A Very Special Christmas” before it’s friggin’ Christmas, I’m going to put a cap in someone’s ass. I swear.

The ONLY exception to this rule is “Mele Kalikimaka” by Perry Como. Because that song transcends Christmastime. It’s good enough for “Christmas Vacation” which makes it good enough for me.

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