What I’ve learned from two episodes of my first true podcast…

So I’ve dabbled with the podcasting thing before, both here and on my family blog. Last week, since some friends of mine are heading into Chicago to attend a music festival with me, I began a podcast where I put on an hour-long radio show featuring music. The subject matter is pretty contained: I don’t talk tech, I don’t wax politic (at least not overtly) — I only talk about the music being played and any anecdotes related to the song, both historical and personal, since I’m kind of a music buff. If you’re curious, you can check it out. I can share how I put it together in comments or offline.

I emailed all of my friends and acquaintences. Maybe 200+ people (I have a lot of actual friends). And of that number, only six people seem to have signed up. Instead of handling the feed myself as I would have using podPress for WordPress, I signed up for FeedBurner, which provides stats on my podcast — who’s signing up via email vs. iTunes vs. Other, how many clicks back to the site have there been, how many downloads of the .mp3 files, etc. But 6 out of 200 is only 3%. I would have thought I’d get better results.

Then a friend of mine called me up yesterday, about a week after I first launched the podcast. She didn’t know what the whole podcasting thing was about, and was confused. So I made my friends a video on how to add my podcast to iTunes, now perhaps better understanding that while most of my oldest friends own iPods… they may never have downloaded a podcast. It might sound weird to this audience, but just think of it as an adoption challenge I didn’t see coming.

I sent the video to my friends, and the numbers the next day? They went DOWN.

Maybe it’s just a bad podcast. Don’t know. But as long as I have my six regular listeners, I’ll keep doing it.

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