What I’m thankful for…

  • Mr. Davis sent Suzy and me a very nice collection of both Christmas and Chanukkah Jones Sodas. I’m not entirely sure if we’re supposed to drink them (I mean, “Latke Soda?” Seriously? That would have to taste like ass), but I just might, anyway. At least my Chanukkah soda set comes with a Dreidel. So thanks, Davis!
  • A guy I work with, Jose, took it upon himself to reach out to his network of friends and obtained a Wii for me, which spares Suzy another cold morning of camping out for it and coming up empty. His “mitzvah” (that’s what us yids call a good deed) also allows me to basically stay inside all weekend long playing with my long sought-after toy. So thanks to Jose for hooking a brother up, and a HUGE thanks to Suzy for actually making it happen.
  • More thanks to Suzy for taking me to see the Star Wars exhibit at the Museum of Science and Industry, even though we both agree it was totally not worth the normal price. Good move on Suzy’s part to get me to take a day off when admission was free to the museum, so we only had to drop ten bucks each on the special exhibit. Lucas, you made me your bitch yet again. At least I didn’t buy the $150 R2D2 trash can.
  • The fine people I’m doing some sidework for are definitely going to make the holidays a little bit easier, which hopefully means better presents for all of you. So big ups to the clients.
  • I got paid a huge professional compliment from my VP at the Grange, who told me “it’s not about me [him] having the vision and Aaron has to figure out how to implement it… it’s now about Aaron having the vision and me [him] figuring out how to convince the COO to pay for it.” For a guy who was basically hired to just fix the problems they had with their LMS, that’s the most rewarding piece of feedback a boss has ever given me. So big big ups to the Grange!
  • Everybody’s mostly healthy. I have a nagging cold/sinus infection thing, but otherwise Dad’s recovering from shoulder surgery. Davis is recovering nicely from his gastric (gastral?) bypass. In-laws are good. Everybody’s kids are doing well (even Heather blogs about how great Bailey is doing). We’re always thankful about that.
  • Packers are 8-1 for the season. Yes. I said it. Go Pack!
  • Obama is leading Hillary in polling in Iowa. I don’t trust him, but I trust everyone else running even less, so GO-BAMA!!!!!
  • Readership at Flash for Learning is at an all-time high, which means that people other than me actually give a crap about SCORM… which is surprising and reaffirming.
  • Herr Reed pumped out a fantastic Thanksgiving dinner mix at Radio Gen1us.
  • Suzy and I are winding the year up making new friends with moms (and dads) she’s connected us to through online social networking, via MeetUp.com. She arranged a playdate. That allowed us guys to start our own online group and it’s really awesome to have other dads to hang out with, play video games, drink — and mostly talk shit. So thanks again to Suzy and all the other Hip Mamas… and thanks to Graham, Jim, Rob, Tyler and Val for good times.
  • Did I mention that I finally got a Wii?

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