What does it take?

Exactly what has to happen to prompt improvements in Chicago’s mass transit system?

Today, we have a Green Line derailment with about 50 people injured. At the end of April, a Semi crashed into a Red Line station killing two. Just a week before that, the Blue Line went down in the subway, leaving people to take matters into their own hands after two hours of non-response from CTA. And this is on top of added strain and congestion on the Metra, the L lines and reduced CTA and PACE bus service because of the rising costs of gas.

Didn’t we just have a budget increase for Mass Transit at the state level?

I grant that not all the incidents I’ve mentioned are CTA’s fault — but there’s enough crap going on in a condensed amount of time that even the slowest among us can see a pattern here. As fuel prices continue to climb, the dependency on mass transportation is only going to increase. Where’s all the money that was/is supposed to go into infrastructure going?

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