disc golf

Two-Par Tuesday

It finally hit hoodie weather for real this morning. I’ve played a ton of disc golf over the past two weeks. Last week, with Labor Day, I just kinda forgot I was blogging again and fell out of the routine.

Ah well. The last few games have been kinda on a positive trend. Last game, as with today, I found a disc on the course at Sedgley, and texted their owners. The dude today, “Chicken,” didn’t even know his disc was missing until my text with its picture woke him up. Made his day.

I’m enjoying the random encounters with fellow disc golfers. Starting to feel like I’m edging my way into a larger community filled with people I don’t know and it’s definitely not a homogeneous group… so that feels pretty keen.

Especially getting down to +9 today. That’s on the way good end of my game. F’ng great fall morning today.