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@moehlert & @mrch0mp3rs
@moehlert & @mrch0mp3rs

Mark Oehlert and I never met in real life prior to the SCORM 2.0 Workshop down here in Pensacola, but most people down here are surprised to learn that we’ve only ever interfaced via Twitter, and only over the last few months.   It turns out we are kindred spirits with similar interests, educational philosophies, pop cultural references and penchants for hip hop lyrics.   Quite simply, at 140 characters a message, we’ve developed a friendship with the secret in-jokes and knowing glances and eye rolling that is reserved among the closest of traditional face-to-face friendships.

Tom King
and I have met a few times over the course of several years and while always cordial, I don’t think either of us would have considered us having anything more than a cursory professional relationship… until Twitter.   We exchange jokes, reply to each others witty amophisms and have developed a similar friendship where the jokes and insights are both common and assumed.

I’ll blog more tomorrow about the unprecedented confluence of ideas, vision and efforts that surface in today’s work.   For now, I’ll simply point out that the social web, even at 140 characters a message, is bringing people closer together and removing barriers to productive collaboration — not distracting from people’s “work.”   It has been a completely happy discovery that there are more people who I’m aligned with than I ever thought; and that the social hierarchies that I once perceived in standards development have given way to nuclear models of collaboration, where the ideas are what draw people together.

Now for some sleep.

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