Tool Interoperability: Looking to the future with IMS

I’m currently attending an IMS meeting that’s at the Oracle hq in Redwood Shores, CA (near San Fran). I’m here because I’m considering joining IMS in addition to joining the SCORM Technical Working Group (well, I’m going to joing the TWG for sure — I’m investigating IMS).

I sat in on the panel working on a charter for the next version of Tool Interoperability — offering a common set of tools available to launch from content within a Virtual Learning Environment (VLE, the new buzzword for LMS).

This chicken-scratch might be hard to decipher, so I’ll follow this up with a podcast. Due to some unfortunately placed fractured bones in my left hand, I can’t type nearly as much as it might take to put this all into context that makes sense for your smarter-than-average E-learning developer/designer.

Monday, February 5 – Tool Interoperability

* Introductions
* Oracle 10g, Siebel, PeopleSoft | Oracle, The World’s Largest Enterprise Software Company
* Blackboard » Educate. Innovate. Everywhere.
* ANGEL Learning
* Microsoft
* Sakai
* Desire 2 Learn
* Grainger
* Review Charter and current work status
* Goal: get the charter into an actionable document by noon tomorrow.
* Review of use cases
* Use-cases for types of tools that could be made available via a VLE

To investigate:

* SAML – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
* Common Cartridge
* QTI Assessments
* Enterprise Services outcome service
* Boddington
* Deposit API
* CMI Data Model

Discussion of a registry hosted by iMS for a listing of tools and descriptor files that would be accessible via a VLE (Virtual Learning Environment).

* Web Meeting tools
* Breeze, WebEx, etc.
* Synchronous collaboration tools
* Blog, Wiki, Forums
* Tools using content embedded in a Common Cartridge
* Sakai Video Report: IMS Common Cartridge Demonstration at Alt-I-Lab 2006
* PR:IMS Global Learning Consortium Announces Breakthrough Education Industry Standard for Digital Learning Content
* QTI Assessment Tool
* QuestionMark, as an example
* Instructor grading tool
* Gradebook
* Content Authoring tools publishing content to the VLE
* Adaptive Learning Tool accesses SCORM/CMI data model at the VLE
* content delivered via the VLE that is not a scorm package, but wants to be tracked via the cmi data model
* acts as a relay
* Learner launching TI Tool within VLE using 3rd party authentication
* read: Shibboleth, HarvestRoad, Boddington
* Federated authentication
* meaning, you’re authorized in one context and as you extend your access beyond the realm of your own domain, your authentication persists across domains/apps that have agreed to accept such authentication protocol.
* Identity Management Tool controlling release of user attributes
* Administrative deployment of proxy tool through Common Cartridge
* Configuration of tool presentation
* Publisher assessment use case
* Rich media (podcasting) integration tool(s)
* Review of Requirements from Tool Interoperability 1.0
* Tool Catalog
* issue of rights management
* how to configure/control/limit access to a tool.
* will be tabled after debate lasting over an hour
* Tool Presentation
* Will enable a common presentation solution for tool that benefit from adopting the look and feel of the hosting VLE
* Web Services/Application Profiles
* Extend logical component interaction model
* allow the outcome message to occur at an unspecified future time
* allow web service communication between requests and outcome responses

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