To Write a Book About SCORM…

2009-03-24_1059 Since 2004, I’ve been pretty active about writing about E-Learning.   On the short-lived ADL Community portal, I wrote a handful of articles and editorials about how to handle certain content development issues and even opined on the future of the project (one day I’ll dig it out again to publish as it’s interesting to see how close or far off I was).   When the site met an untimely end, I turned my efforts to, and set out to write about working with Flash in the E-Learning space, but it very quickly turned to a SCORM-heavy content development blog with occasional dances with Macromedia/Adobe authoring technologies.   Ultimately, on top of my many online distractions, I launched this blog last year to finally move past writing about any one subject.

I don’t think of myself as all that busy, but the more people keep telling me how busy I am, the more I start to believe it.   I have so many ideas about social learning and knowledge exchange that blogging about them is daunting because I just can’t write that much into a post.   At the same time, I don’t feel comfortable writing a book about social learning yet.   There are books that have not been written that should have been a while ago, and the one book I can at least help to write is on SCORM.

I want to test my tome-writing skills writing about something I know a lot about and clear the decks for what’s next (which will likely still be in learning technology)

I don’t know how large an audience such a work would have.   I also don’t know what kind of book I would write.   Do I write a narrative history that gives perspective on, love it or hate it, the impact that SCORM has had in learning online over the past ten years?   Do I cobble together a comprehensive guide to content development for SCORM?   Do I go more accessible and put together a best practices show-case that shows different types of E-learning content made with different tools and have their designers and developers provide the breakdown of how things were put together?   Do I call in my extended family of friends and peers and tap them to write about topics like Instructional Design, Usability, Accessibility & Section 508, SCORM 2004 Sequencing, Workarounds LMS Compatibility?

But the biggest question I have is is there even a need or desire for such a book?   I kinda think there still is, but I need guidance from the people who would want such a book on what kind of book you need.   If there’s an audience for such a tome, I’ll commit to putting it together somehow and some way that makes sense.

I can tell my stories in a lot of ways.   I need some encouragement that there’s a need for this, and then some guidance as to what the ingredients of such a bouillabaisse would be.

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