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this is me using an appropriate outside voice

“I’ve come to really loathe the big social networking platforms and would like to just have a place where I can simply share my thoughts and random stuff again…”

portrait of Aaron Silvers
i’m back!

I return to blogging, maybe micro-blogging, because in the last four years I’ve come to loathe big social networking platforms. I’m exhausted. We’re all exhausted, right? I’d like to keep things simple in these very surreal times.

This website has gone through different domain names, and had different geek/nerd focus areas since I started blogging back in 2001. I expect to regularly share more useful learning analytics and xAPI stuff through MakingBetter, IEEE and maybe a few other places over the coming months. Which means that now this website can be what I really need it to be again: a vehicle to share out random stuff that I gotta get out of my head that is in no way professional, or at least not ready to put to work.

If you’re looking for a blog post I wrote before 2020 (the last one was 2017), I took them all private. No need to keep a bunch of pages about Flash and SCORM 2004 up when literally no one needs that anymore. Hopefully that’s not you, otherwise you’re gonna ignore this blog from now on. Anything I’ve done of relevance is on some other website, frankly. I just want to quickly crank out odd thoughts and random stuff again, re-cultivate my public speaking voice and, mostly, catch up with old friends and maybe make some new ones.

So, tune in if you are at all interested in what I’m up to, what I listen to, read, watch or play; if you’re into music experiments and random craziness I get into; a recent obsession with disc golf; or you just want to see pics of family, friends, food and the occasional lesson-learned or shout-out, or heck, maybe you just miss a warm and friendly writing voice and going to a website that’s not yelling or selling.

I got you, boo!