The Next Chapter

I am mixed with a lot of emotions, happy and bittersweet, to share some news about a milestone in my career.

I’m leaving Grainger, where I’ve been very proud (albeit not very public) in serving as an internal consultant on learning technology since 2006. I’ve worked with a team of outstanding Instructional Design talents, all brilliant, clever and crafty in their own ways. Two managers, whom I’ve been very proud to work for, have had to endure the challenges that come with managing me. In the past year, I’ve received more support and more professional growth than I’ve encountered in all the years in my relatively short career preceding it. Their trust and their challenges have helped me to grow into a role I will soon assume.

This is more than a job change for me. This is career evolution. I am very humbled to know that I leave Grainger in a better place than where it found me, and that the organization and my leaders wouldn’t mind having me back. There are many success stories in Grainger, and I’m very lucky to have been there to share in them with people whom I know will be lifelong friends.

It has been a very deliberate and thorough consideration, and I am very excited (far more than such a small word like “very” conveys) to let you know that I’m going to join a team of friends, brilliant minds and kindred spirits at ADL, where starting in mid-April I will assume the role of ADL’s Community Manager. I will post more details about the job, the personal transitioning (in case you’re curious about becoming an evangelist/community manager) as I get more figured out. 🙂

Note: I know my blogging has been sporadic of late. It will get better, but it may be a few weeks until it does. Hang with me.

There are some big things about to happen. I’m beyond psyched to do something I care very deeply about — bridging lots of communities who care about learning and the technology that supports it. This is the right time to make a difference (it’s definitely due); ADL has the right team in place. I love the team, I care deeply about the direction and about the communities ADL needs to serve.

You’ve all helped me get to this point, both through our discussions and exchanges on many channels (especially Twitter). I hope you’re with me for the next leg on this journey.

I apologize if I’m rambling. This is one of those moments where I really can’t believe this is my life, because it’s awesomesauce.

with a mix of emotions I’m sharing with you that I’m leaving Grainger next Friday, April 2.

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