The End of Year Rant


  1. Why am I good at keeping friends but bad at starting businesses with partners? I’ve been married for over twelve years and we still love each other.   I’ve moved several times across the country with my expanding family and I’ve been able to hold onto friends from everywhere I’ve lived and worked.   We talk/IM/email/tweet almost every day.   I’m even finding friends from the long long ago when there was no Internet to speak of.   I’m an a**hole, but the evidence clearly demonstrates that I’m the kind of a**hole that has a lot of real friends with high tolerances for a**holes.   That said, two times now, I’ve tried to start a business venture with former co-workers (who were also friends), and it hasn’t worked out.   The first time was like six years ago, and the chips were stacked against us with everyone physically moving so far away from each other, and I went passive aggressive in trying to deal with the frustration (mea culpa).   I thought I learned from that experience, but I guess there’s something more for me to learn as my new consulting business went from a partnership to a solo effort barely a month after launching.   So in 2009 I’ll continue to be a company of one.   I still love the idea of partnering in business — maybe not with former co-workers?   It seems to fly contrary to logic…
  2. What the hell happened with Rhymefest’s second album, “El Che?” It was supposed to drop in April of 2008.   The Michael Jackson tribute “Man in the Mirror” was so fantastic, I was really looking forward to it — and the album never came out with no news (not even news on MySpace) as to why it was delayed.
  3. Why is so much E-Learning content done in Flash if there’s no Flash “coolness” going on? Don’t get me wrong, the more maintenance on your old courses are chores and pain spots, the more sidework I’m going to get updating it and converting it to SCORM or AICC — but if a page-turner is a page-turner, there’s a lot of easier (and cheaper) ways of creating E-Learning content than putting it all in Flash.   This is a topic I hope to explore with Learning Ninjas in 2009 (more to come on that).
  4. Why is growing old so painful? Seriously, this tendonitis I have?   Everytime there’s precipitation this last month (and there’s been a lot), my left leg/foot and back hurt like hell.   I could accept it, I guess, if I was some kind of athlete with a storied career that was hard on my joints or whatever — but I’m a nerd whose joints for the most part have been mostly guarded from anything that might cause them stress or harm.
  5. How many life and career coaches does the Internet need? It seems like I get followed each week by a new career coach (on Twitter).   Some punk just out of college is going to coach me on my career?   Really?   Try having a career (or 3) first before imparting me with all the wisdom from your BA in English (note:   not ranking on English majors — I’m married to one).   I know of one career coach who’s doing “something” (that’s you, @melissapierce) and she’s not even trying to coach me.

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