The Adventures of Johnny Bunko

It shouldn’t be a surprise that [I’m a big fan]( of [Dan Pink]( after reading [A Whole New Mind]( When I saw Pink speak at Learning 2007, I was pretty stoked to find out about his latest project — a Manga for a business text. Now, The Adventures of Johnny Bunko: The Last Career Guide You’ll Ever Need is out, and it’s an extremely quick read — I got through it in an hour. But as a learning professional, it’s going to blow your mind — not because of the content itself, but because of the delivery mechanism.

Brent Schlenker [wrote about this last week]( (I also poked a little fun at him because I got my copy before he did), but it’s worth mentioning to you that the book *feels* (heck, one co-worker says it even *smells*) like a comic book. I think it’s all part of the design. It’s cheap for a new Dan Pink book. I think it’s meant for you to quickly consume and share. There’s a limited printing, so if you don’t get your hands on it from [Amazon](, maybe someone else you know already has a copy and will loan it to you. I’ve loaned mine out about three times now.

If you don’t require me mailing it to you in order for you to borrow it, I’ll be more than happy to lend it to you, as well. I only say that because, as you probably know, I’m extremely lazy and haven’t bought a stamp in about five years.