Talent 2.0

Interesting, INTERESTING brain dump from Elliott Masie on “Talent 2.0.”

One of the things Don Tapscott (Wikinomics) was very passionate about yesterday was about the future of talent management and retention. Elliott shared some pretty radical but insanely genius points that I’m sure he’s collected from a host of people over the conference.

What if your company had a hiring model where you weren’t trying to hold onto people for 30 years? What if you only tried to hold onto workers for three years and embraced the fact that your talent will leave… learn more… and come back — probably several times in the span of their careers? What if instead of hoarding all the big learning events for managers, your company made it a policy to on-board your workers with a very advanced set of skills and certifications that are transferable throughout your organization and others, like LEAN/Six Sigma, PMBOK, PMP, BABOK and so on? What if you profited from your workers wanting to leave, by contracting them out to your business partners, clients, competitors or even organizations in different verticals than your company’s? What if not only your organization was known for its products or its customer service… but that your model of employee development could become a profit center? What if your company kept up with what your alumni workers were doing and maintained relationships with them to return to your company as consultants, contractors or even clients?

The big thing is that no one really knows what’s going to work in the coming shifts in the demographics of the workforce. No one really knows how well the methods employed in learning and development work NOW. But there are ideas floating around that paint a picture. I’m going to be reading a lot more on this topic, because I find it fascinating, provocative and most of all, truthy.

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