SCORM 2.0 Data Model and Structure

With the help of tools like Articulate and Adobe Captivate, non-technical authors are producing more content by volume than the merry few of us who actually know how to work with the SCORM Run-Time Data Model –let alone the elite among that population that figured out how to do Simple Sequencing.

Shaping Future Learning, or Why You Should Be Writing a White Paper for SCORM 2.0

Several weeks ago, a call for white papers was announced to provide the broadest possible input into shaping SCORM 2.0.We have this framework that most E-Learning content and Learning Management Systems use as a basis for their data tracking, communication and delivery — it’s called SCORM. You may not know how SCORM works, but if […]

Desiging for the iPhone? Check this out…

Yahoo has a fantastic Design Stencil Kit in several formats, including OmniGraffle and Visio. I’ve recently started jumping on the Information Architecture bandwagon and found that visually planning out a web-based design with wireframes was not only helpful but saved me a bunch of time from the “let’s see what kind of layout I can […]

SCORM 2.0: Call For White Papers

Summary: If you want the all open source (for reals) SCORM 2.0 to address something in particular, get it in a white paper to LETSI by August 15. LETSI, Learning Education Training Systems Interoperability, the international, nonprofit federation dedicated to improving individual and organizational learning, has taken on the task of developing the next generation […]