Managing a Web Project for Community Involvement

In addition to helping build a community to support and develop the Federal Learning Registry AND helping to build a community to work towards the CMI Data Model Harmonization, I’ve now been given the go-ahead to lead a considerably more complex challenge: overhauling the web presence for ADL. Before you even think it, yes, this […]

Serious Gaming on the Verge of Success…

Imagine if you had the means, the open-mindedness of the client and the management sponsorship to pull out all the stops and really produce a piece of learning that was fun, relevant and “just right” for the goals you were trying to meet with your learners? I’m at the end of such a project, on […]

The 80/20 Rule of Content Development

One of the links that came across my feed this weekend was a little post about how to make a living at being a freelance web designer without having to be really good at design. The author wrote about the 80-20 rule — that basically getting 80% competent at being a web designer wasn’t […]