Working Harder vs. Working Smarter

Paul Artiuch at [Wikinomics]( had a fascinating blurb today about[a recent OECD report]( that compared how many hours workers spend on average in a couple different nations, vs. their GDP. What’s interesting is that the technological capability edge by itself doesn’t look like the big indicator of GDP that productivity might be. Artiuch writes: > […]

Writing Without Distractions

Perhaps it’s a side-effect of the age we’re living in, but I’m easily distracted. I have three screens during the day with which to do my digital work. I have two computers. I have virtual desktops that help me stay organized. Two main email accounts. Instant Messaging. Multiple Blogs to write for. About 50 RSS […]

E-Learning vs. Performance Support

Inspired a bit by [Tom King’s article on authoring tools](, I started playing with [Google Trends]( and was a little interested in [how E-Learning is faring against the notion of Performance Support]( — my idea being that E-Learning is stuff we have to evaluate, manage and track the learner’s interaction with — and performance support […]