The Learning Technology Lab

A question asked on the survey in the ADL User Community Survey from this summer was this: The ADL Learning Technology Lab at the ADL Co-Lab Hub in Alexandria, Virginia maintains installations of SCORM 2004-certified content authoring, management, and delivery systems, including learning management systems (LMSs). ADL makes these systems available to the public for […]

SCORM Versions, Supported vs. Employed

This chart compares two sets of results from the ADL User Community Survey. Respondents were asked what versions of SCORM were supported by their organization’s LMSs, and a separate question was asked detailing what version of SCORM content was most employed by their organizations? Respondents could select more than one answer to the first question […]

SCORM 2.0 Data Model and Structure

With the help of tools like Articulate and Adobe Captivate, non-technical authors are producing more content by volume than the merry few of us who actually know how to work with the SCORM Run-Time Data Model –let alone the elite among that population that figured out how to do Simple Sequencing.

Upgrading Blues

e can trace the string coming back on consecutive data transactions with SCORM content and that’s definitely going on — pipes (|) are being sent the first time. Then, when they’re coming back, they’re URL-encoded. Then it looks like the URL encoding is changing the Ampersand (&) into something else…

Sequencing giving you the blues? Me, too!

I recognize for many of you, SCORM 2004 Sequencing and Navigation is impossible. My guess is that for most of you, it’s a jumbled problem that combines the complexities in understanding how to create a manifest that correctly interprets the intent of your instructional flow — and the problem of how an LMS actually interprets […]