Post-Mortem on Star Wars Management Guide

For the second in what might be a series of documenting #fail, I’d like to answer the question “whatever happened to the Star Wars Management Guide?” Context Almost a year ago, I pondered the idea of having a broad community of geeks, engineers, MBAs and anyone else to collectively write a business book based on […]

Post-Mortem on Black Swan Society

Yesterday I stated at the end of my lengthy ramble that “that there is enduring value in hub and spoke models of community building and organizational change, even without sponsorship from authoritative leaders. ¬†Even when we fail in this model, we at least still learn…” I’d like to share a little post-mortem on one of […]

Serious Gaming on the Verge of Success…

Imagine if you had the means, the open-mindedness of the client and the management sponsorship to pull out all the stops and really produce a piece of learning that was fun, relevant and “just right” for the goals you were trying to meet with your learners? I’m at the end of such a project, on […]

What I’ve learned from two episodes of my first true podcast…

So I’ve dabbled with the podcasting thing before, both here and on my family blog. Last week, since some friends of mine are heading into Chicago to attend a music festival with me, I began a podcast where I put on an hour-long radio show featuring music. The subject matter is pretty contained: I don’t […]