My Social Workflow…

A friend emailed me this morning asking how I go about blogging as a Mac user, and how I manage the buzz between Twitter and Facebook. My workflow for blogging uses these tools, not necessarily all together: WordPress MarsEdit WordPress for iPhone ScribeFire (for Firefox) WordPress is the web application running on PHP/MySQL that I […]

Life in Amazing Times

I found my friend. And inside me, the little kid whose friend moved away pretty much the whole of my life ago is pretty happy. It’s probably weird. It *sounds* weird to me. It sounds like the kind of thing for which I normally rank on people (namely Facebook users). So color me hypocrite.

What Makes Great Apps

Much of this post relates to making a great iPhone app. Hopefully, you’ll connect the dots on how this might impact how you develop whatever else it is you’re developing.

Desiging for the iPhone? Check this out…

Yahoo has a fantastic Design Stencil Kit in several formats, including OmniGraffle and Visio. I’ve recently started jumping on the Information Architecture bandwagon and found that visually planning out a web-based design with wireframes was not only helpful but saved me a bunch of time from the “let’s see what kind of layout I can […]