What Makes Great Apps

Much of this post relates to making a great iPhone app. Hopefully, you’ll connect the dots on how this might impact how you develop whatever else it is you’re developing.

Finally, a post relevant to the title of this blog…

Anyone hear about Adobe’s Open Screen Project? Well, good news if this is the first you’re hearing about it: Basically, what’s happened is that Adobe wants Flash on as many screens and devices as possible. To do that, they’re pretty much COMPLETELY OPENING UP THE PLATFORM. What does “completely opening up the platform” actually mean? […]

On Authoring Tools…

There’s been some fantastic writing of late in the realm of digital learning, education and training. I don’t know if I know about it more because the tools for sharing via RSS are more ubiquitous or there are just more people writing about it — but the point is that ten years ago, this was […]

All Hail Blaze DS

Adobe just released a free and open-source Java implementation of flash/flex remoting service called Blaze DS for Java. This is pretty huge for people, as it supports remoting to the new AMF version (3) which just got documentation released, but it also supports remoting and polling over port 80 — so no more getting blocked […]