Adventures in Actionscript 3.0: Making the Data Available to Flash from an Access Database

Okay, so I may have led you on a little bit in the previous post, expecially with the title. You WILL get some ActionScript. A lot of it. But for now let’s wrap up what we’re doing with Access as a relational database to manage a bunch of data about our curriculum maps. So, in […]

Adventures in Actionscript 3.0: Working with Microsoft Access

If there’s one thing I really care about for readers and followers is that you don’t just take in what I’m doing, but also “why” I’m doing it. Context is everything, so in this post will walk you through some code, but I’m really trying to let you into my head so you might understand how I model abstract problems with tools most everyone can grasp. Hopefully, as you follow along my trail, you’ll be able to pick up something useful to apply in your work.