What Makes Great Apps

Much of this post relates to making a great iPhone app. Hopefully, you’ll connect the dots on how this might impact how you develop whatever else it is you’re developing.

Dan Pink and Johnny Bunko Video Interview

All the video for the collective interview with Dan Pink for the “Johnny Bunko” book is up. There’s about 40 minutes of video broken out into 12 separate questions. I will also work on getting this posted here as podcast-ready in case you’re blocked by your corporate firewalls from watching YouTube. I’ll publish it as […]

Keynote: Don Tapscott – Wikinomics

“Wikinomics” is up for a Pulitzer Prize for Business literature. How are youngsters changing the way we think about talent? Training, retention, collaboration and managing them? Within this new culture, there is a new culture of work and therein will lie the answers of how to accomplish this. Myspace has 220 million members, growing at […]