Support for Distance Education

As I’m looking at what other distance learners (especially at the Doctorate level) are doing, I drop in on [Sharkfish](’s from time to time, as she’s journaling her persuit of a Juris Doctorate (JD) through an online program out of California.

Unfortunately, she’s in a professional field that doesn’t seem to really support distance learning at the higher levels. I can understand some of the reasons the American Bar Association (ABA) has for this — they’re the same doubts I’ve had about most online programs — especially at higher levels of . They’re the same arguments over and over again — either the institutions running the programs aren’t credible, or the Internet is only good for sharing facts, but provides weak opportunities for interactive and engaging conversation that “can only take place in the physical classroom environment.” (Not their quote.)

Anyway, you can read more about the ABA’s statement [here](