Stepping Up for DevLearn 2010 #DL10

Writing to Ignite #DL10
Writing to Ignite #DL10 by me 😉

I am REALLY excited for DevLearn next week.

First of all, there’s a feeling that I can only describe as “homecoming.” I’ve been really so fortunate this year to see so many of my learning peeps (icons, heroes all), to chat in real-time/real-life/meatspace; this only strengthens the connections we’ve made online.  Last year at DevLearn, there were SO MANY friends that it was… humbling, to put it mildly.  This year, I get to see so many people that inform me everyday, collaborators all, and we finally get to hang out in the same rooms at the same times.

I’m also TOTALLY PSYCHED (and pretty anxious) about the Ignite general session on Friday to close DevLearn.

I love performing to the crowd; I mean, seriously… anyone who’s met me in person (and certainly people who know me online) get that. I am so incredibly stoked that Brent (@bschlenker) asked me to join Ellen (@edwsonoma), Jane (@janebozarth), Cammy (@cammybean), Gina (@Ginaschreck) and Richard (@rec54); but part of me is freaking out, because that crew is amazing and I have to step up my game. You have to understand what it means for me to play to this big an audience in such a context. Among friends and peers on the stage; in a HUGE audience full of friends old and new, talking about something I really care about… this for me is quite personal.

I’ve approached every presentation I sign on to as an opportunity to explore something new, which is why I rarely present the same material twice. I’m never as polished as I want to be, but I’m hopefully polished enough to learn something through my sharing.

My personal learning journey has taken me on many adventures in the last couple of years. I don’t want to give away the store, but in the spirit of going big or going home (and to provide a little teaser), my 5-6 minutes is going to be on Design Thinking and Democracy.

Yeah… I’m going there. I expect there are a few things I’ll share that might raise some eyebrows. Brent asked us to bring our best ideas… I thought I was swinging for the fences when I mused about the Architecture of Actualization. Looking at what I’m preparing for DevLearn, I should play it safer but I must respect my talent for taking the hard roads.

This will be a LOT of fun.

I look forward to hanging out with you all. I really look forward to our conversations at all hours, with all comers.  I look forward to the collaborations to grow from what we do together next week in San Francisco. And, when I’m not freaking out about it, I’m literally jumping as high as a 250lb man can jump while clicking his heels in sheer joy about DevLearn Ignite.

See you in SanFran!!!!!

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