Star Wars MG: Stay On Target


I spent a decent amount of time this afternoon drafting out a chapter of the Star Wars Management Guide.  I’m hoping by having something up there for people to poke a stick at, it encourages the dozens interested in contributing to start fleshing it out some more.

To read what’s in this chapter, take a look here.

The basic structure of this chapter and any chapter written like it will look something like this:

  • Background – this is situating the reader to the part of the movie in which the quote is pulled from. This is the context.
  • Lesson(s) –  There must be one lesson as a takeaway from this background scenario, but there may be more than one lesson to be drawn, or the context that the lesson is addressing may be different as well.  This is the fun part, where several people have eyed up the same quote — one way you can approach it is to build out your own lessons (each); the other is to actually write collaboratively.
    • Each Lesson should have one or more Activity(ies).  These will direct the reader to the actions they must take to reinforce the learning.

You should not feel constrained to the structure I’ve put in place (okay, the Background is necessary, but this is a work that will be authored by multiple people).  In fact, I would like to ask you to take a stab at improving this first chapter so it can be a model to base the other chapters off of.

If you want to drum up support for the chapter you’re specifically interested in, by all means, blog or tweet away about it.  This effort is just as much yours as it is mine.  It’s your party.  I’m just the host.

Please use the comments and let’s get some questions out of the way!