Shrinking the file size in Captivate

Tom King put out some pretty helpful tips to help you shrink down Captivate files. This came up in both my sessions at MAX 2005, so it bears the reprint here, especially since Tom was citing work by Dave Mozealous:

* [Troubleshooting movie file size](
* [Recording Tricks and Tips](

Tom also suggests that when conditions warrant you can take these extra steps:

* Select Movie>Preferences>Preferences and deselect 508 and Include Breeze metadata (if not publishing to Breeze).
* Select Movie>Preferences>Preferences and select ‘Advanced Movie Compression’.
* Select Movie>Preferences>Preferences and select ‘Compress compiled SWF file’.
* Select Movie>Preferences>Start and End and deselect the option for a loading screen, this should make the svelte SWF play ASAP.

Tom also notes that the most likely culprit for file bloat is audio. So to reiterate what Tom spells out on his blog, if you’re deploying for the web, go for the smallest/lowest practical audio rate you can get away with.


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