Serious Gaming in Business Week.

This (link) just came off the wire thanks to Brent Schenkler, who pulled the right quote:

“…fledgling corporate games and virtual worlds are not nearly as sophisticated or visually stunning as some of the most popular consumer games involving millions of players, such as World of Warcraft, but they are precursors of what’s in the pipeline. In a recent survey of nearly 1,500 people in large and small companies, the eLearning Guild—a group investigating the design and management of e-learning tools for business, government, and education—found that the number of people using games for work in the financial and banking industries alone had increased from 33% to nearly 40% in the past nine months.”

At the Grange, we just kicked off our first game-based learning project for our sales group. We’re having a vendor develop a game to reinforce product training, and it’s going to roll out the end of this year. I’m pretty jacked about it because it’s a step forward for the organization. I don’t see the risk involved, but our internal client is freaking out a bit because it’s new and different. There’s a tendency to stick with what they already know (page-turners), but the last similar training roll-out, we did that… and no one is really taking that training.

So there’s some massaging that has to be done, but I really think that when it rolls out, it’s going to be a paradigm shift for our organization in how effective online training can be if we can just tap into something more interactive and put more of the control in the hands of the users.

So… I’m glad it’s showing up today in Business Week. Timing couldn’t be better for me.

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