This chart compares two sets of results from the ADL User Community Survey.

Respondents were asked what versions of SCORM were supported by their organization’s LMSs, and a separate question was asked detailing what version of SCORM content was most employed by their organizations?

Respondents could select more than one answer to the first question of what version were supported by the LMS; for the second question of what was most employed, the respondents could only pick one.

Which version(s) of SCORM are supported by your organization’s enterprise LMS?

[table id=1 /]

Which version of SCORM content is employed MOST by your organization?

[table id=2 /]

This information is just one snapshot.  In July 2010, ADL ran a survey of the User Community. By no means is it all-encompassing nor does it represent a random sampling. 147 people, mostly representing individual organizations, responded to the calls for participation in the survey through Twitter, LinkedIn and the ADL website over the course of almost four weeks.