SCORM and Director

On Nov 9, 2005, at 5:31 PM, Flashcoder wrote:

> Hi Aaron,
> Just wondering if you know if Macromedia Shockwave 10 is SCORM 1.2
> compliant? Or have any information on using Director content with
> P.S. I’m a long time developer using Director and Flash, but it’s
> the first
> time I have to deal with SCORM and LMS for the government who
> required that
> the project be SCORM 1.2 compliant.

Shockwave, out of the box, offers no support for SCORM 1.2. However,
if you download the Plug-In Technology content example from ADL,
there’s a Director example in there that will demonstrate how
Director can work with a SCORM 2004 javascript API Wrapper.

If you have a SCORM 1.2 API Wrapper, you can basically replace the
JavaScript calls that are in the Director file and “voila” — you’ll
have Director working with SCORM 1.2 in no less than two minutes.

The link to the Plug-In Technologies content example is here:

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