SCORM a la “mode”

> cmi.mode = review, can user enter data? Does the user have to have gone through it in normal mode then come back?

Good question. The **cmi.mode** is the data model element that identifies one of three possible modes in which the Sharable Content Object (SCO) may be presented to the learner: browse, normal or review. These values can be used to indicate the SCO’s behavior after launch.

Many SCOs have a single behavior, but some SCOs can present different amounts of information. The information can be presented in different sequences, it can reflect different training strategies or store different sets of data based on the mode the SCO is currently in.

So in answer to the question, it’s completely dependent on the content developer if the SCO has different behavior about recording your interaction with it dependent on the mode. The LMS behavior does not change because a SCO’s mode is set in any specific way (or set at all).