SCORM 2004 Plug-In Technologies Example

After a long wait for deployment, my work on a plug-in example that clearly demonstrates the use of ActionScript classes in Flash to work in a Sharable Content Object Reference Model (SCORM) 2004 Run-time Environment is finally [released]( on

This content package demonstrates the development of SCORM conformant content using a plug-in technology, (Macromedia’s Flash AND Director) for experienced developers familiar with SCORM.

The PITE is designed to provide content developers with relevant information on implementing SCORM 2004 projects using a plug-in technology.

The content is primarily for the developer audience and is organized by plug-in technology. The content is the same for both sections, Flash and Director, but with the addition of code specific to the technology to aid the developer in reuse. The technologies are implemented using the Data Model elements, Comments from Learner, Objective and Interactions as examples.

The source code for both Flash and Director examples is included for adaptation and implementation into your own SCORM 2004 projects.

PITE will run in the SCORM 2004 Sample Run-Time Environment (RTE) Version 1.3.3 and is available in the [Downloads]( section of

Rock on, e-learning peeps!