SCORM 2.0: White Paper Topics I’m interested in collaborating on

Aside from rocking out, quoting movies and tv shows incessently, cooking, troubleshooting a wide array of technical issues… one of the things I do really well is start things I’m excited about. I’m getting better at finishing them.

There are at least two ideas I’ve had brewing that I’d like to write a white paper on, but I probably won’t have the gumption in me to finish both of them by myself by August 15. I’m posting them here in the hopes that you or someone you know might be interested in collaborating on a white paper topic through helping edit, research, add some other ideas and/or even to help write.

I think there are many people who feel a little nervous about the idea of writing a whole paper on their own. I’d feel a lot more comfortable myself if someone else thought I had a decent idea before I submitted it.

So if you’re interested in either of these ideas, let me know. I’m going to really try to draft up a brain dump on these topics by the beginning of next week, and we can take a stab at collaborating through Google Docs or the web 1.0 way of emailing Word Docs as an attachment.

My interests…

* Exposing a content authoring feature as a service to support subject matter experts and user-generated content, resulting in XML with media attachments packaged that can be “skinned” according to LMS-administered settings for organizational presentation rules.

* [DITA has a schema proposed for Learning and Training content](

* Having E-Learning content that validates to the same schema helps with interoperability.

* A standardized content authoring platform allows user-generated content to conform to organizational norms.

* Separating out the “content” from the “presentation layer” allows organizations to control the presentation of interoperable content.

* A market for LMS or service vendors opens up to compete on the strenth of the user-experience in authoring such content.

* Services are already proposed to package content for SCORM “[from the cloud](”

* Expose a service for tagging content (a la and elevating the relevance of content (a la Digg/Pligg) to engage a community of learners to both assist in the metadata collection on content.

* Metadata is still important, even if the implementation has been crap to this point.

* Elevating the relevance of specific content over others in a repository helps with connecting to talent management systems, automated intelligent tutoring agents, etc.

* [Martin Ebner]( helped spark this specific idea and has agreed to help, but there’s room for a couple more collaborators if there’s interest on this topic.

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