R.I.P.: The One API Wrapper

Someone has to own up to the lowly fate of the open-source project I launched with Alan Schultz at MAX 2005, and that somene will have to be me. I failed the project. I failed the community that might have been interested in it. I’m a very bad man.

Actually, I’m a very busy man. Since the launch of the SCORM 1.2/2004 API Wrapper last year, I’ve moved from PA to Chicago, and switched jobs in Chicago already. That’s less than a year, actually. So if you wouldn’t mind cutting me a little bit of slack, I’d appreciate it.

It’s not just me that let us all down, either. Alan left CTC not long after I did, and he hasn’t returned to the world of E-Learning since then. I don’t think he’s going to — he’s got a sweet gig. We also didn’t garner a lot of support in the open-source developer community to find champions to pick up the cause. So in the last couple of months, when developers are desperately looking for answers about working with SCORM and Flash, I’ve had a few comments on the blog, and they all seem to indicate that there are some interoperability issues with SCORM 2004, which will likely never be addressed by me. Mea culpa.

So what should you do if you’re in a jam and looking for one API wrapper that just… works? Talk to Mike Rustici of Rustici Software about the [SCORM Driver](http://www.scorm.com/products/scormdriver.aspx). It’s, with no doubt, exactly what I was hoping to accomplish by the SCORM 1.2/2004 API Wrapper. Except his is easy to use… and it just works.

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