Reporting out of Basecamp

At work, I’ve successfully gotten my group on-board with implementing BaseCamp as a collaborative project management tool. Initially, it was to meet a request from my boss to replace a Word doc and Excel spreadsheet that had to be updated by everyone on what projects were being worked on (our weekly status reports) and how much time we were spending on these projects (resource allocation reports).

Basecamp is so easy for the end-user, it’s going to be rolled out to Project Managers in the organization, too. Finally, we’ll have everyone working on the same project on the same page — literally.

One thing that BaseCamp is not so good at is reporting. I have a pretty non-techie group and there are a lot of clicks involved (although pretty easy) to read into what everyone’s doing on their projects. Fortunately, BaseCamp has a documented API (one of the reasons I wanted BaseCamp was its extensibility) and there are a number of scripts emerging to make use of it.

Aaron Quint at QuirkyBlog posted a PHP wrapper for pulling information from a BaseCamp project. After having to fumble around with DreamHost‘s implementation of PEAR (adjusting some relative paths to hard paths in some of the PEAR scripts as well as Quint’s Basecamp.php class), I was able to pull a list of projects lickety split.

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