Reflections on #IeL09, Part 1

Since Clark AND Mark AND Koreen AND Craig AND Wendy got their write-ups already, I feel like I’ve been dragging my feet.  (If I missed a reflection post on #iel09, PLEASE comment or tweet to let me know!)

Friend and former colleague Dennis Schleicher followed the #iel09 tweetstream last week and was pretty blown away.  He offered up his anthropology skills to reflectively interview me to open up about what I thought was so amazing at the Innovations in E-Learning Conference.

This is only the first couple of questions:

  1. What have I been up to since we worked together last in 2006?
  2. Why did I get invited to the conference?
  3. Why was I psyched to go?

It bears repeating that, as Craig mentioned, it’s the probably the best conference experience I’ve ever had.  You’re lucky to get one really awesome keynote at a conference, and we got two in one day, each more unbelievably mind-blowing than.. well than you can believe, I guess. Chris St. John, learning czar at the Defense Acquisition University (DAU) knows how to bring the rain.  Also, since I’m later in giving out the props, I was so humbled to be able to hang with people I’ve admired for such a long time (Clark Quinn), friends I haven’t seen in a while (Mark, Shane), friends I never met in meatspace (Koreen, Stephen, Craig, Wendy) and new friends that I’ll be clinging to (Peter, Richard, Maria, Dan, Mark).

There’s more coming, but it’s easier to watch video of talking heads (especially my obnoxious goatee) in small chunks 😉

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