Question: SCORM on a Mac

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“Our company is starting to venture into creating SCORM modules.
What is the Best Mac software for developing SCORM content?

One option was Lectora? Any good?”

SCORM on a Mac… it’s tough. I assume you’re looking for authoring
tools. On a Mac, there aren’t a lot of options at the moment. There’s
no Captivate for the Mac. There’s no Articulate Presenter, no Lectora
or Adobe Presenter for the Mac either. The only authoring tool I’ve
seen that works straightforward on the Mac is eXe – — which produces standards compliant XHTML/CSS and a SCORM 1.2 content package.

The other option if you’re using a Mac is… and it pains me to say
this as a longtime Mac user and advocate — is to run Windows on your
Mac, and install one of the content authoring tools of choice (I feel
best about Articulate’s suite of products if you’re not into
“coding”). If, however, you are into actually coding, there are lots
of options that are Mac native for beautiful multimedia — and if you
have the requisite ability to tie everything together with HTML,
JavaScript and feel comfortable using a packaging tool like Reload —
I’d be happy to direct you to some fantastic tools.

And what tools would I point you to? I’m glad you asked.

  • ScreenFlow
  • Snapz Pro
  • Keynote
  • iMovie

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