Podcast Idea: #lrntalk

UPDATE: We’ve moved to a Wiki to better organize; check out http://lrntalk.wikispaces.com/

An idea floated up again today that has been floated many times before about doing a learning-related podcast.  While my current podcast has been much neglected by me, I’ve thought of doing a podcast several times in the past and have opined on it openly here on the blog, Twitter, Facebook, etc.  Perhaps with the help of a healthy inner circle who might relish the idea, maybe the time has come.

I’ve started a Google Moderator Wiki series on the merits of pursuing a talk show/podcast covering learning, education and training; and, if there is enough interest, explore whom we should be talking to, and what we should talk about, how often should it be produced, etc.

All ideas are welcomed and encouraged. You’ll notice that you can add topics for shows (or topics to describe things about the podcast idea, in general) as well as individual suggestions in the discussion area related to each page. If you don’t have any strong feelings about the topics or the suggestions, you would be a big help in spreading the word about the project, and if you’re signing into the wiki, voting up (or down) suggestions that you like (or dislike).

We will keep this Google Moderator panel wiki running indefinitely and if/when there’s been a decision made about the go/no go for the show, it will be announced on the wiki, here and Twitter by the end of October, 2010.

What are you waiting for? Go tell us how to do this!

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