Support for Distance Education

As I'm looking at what other distance learners (especially at the Doctorate level) are doing, I drop in on [Sharkfish]('s blog from time to time, as she's journaling her persuit of a Juris Doctorate (JD) through an online program out of California. Unfortunately, she's in a professional field that doesn't seem to really support distance [...]

The Plan

(from my father, who graces me with humor both witty and timely...) In the beginning was the Plan. And then came the Assumptions. And the Assumptions were without form. And the Plan was without substance. And darkness was upon the face of the Workers. And they spoke among themselves, saying: "It is a crock of [...]

Making WikiNews work…

In an interview with CNET's, Jimmy Wales, one of the founders of WikiPedia, talks about the new WikiNews project. In the article, Wales talks about the problems with traditional news media and how to make Wiki content credible. It seems that the goal of WikiNews is to provide an online, free content news source [...]

“…on the internet a lot.”

How many of you out there have been criticized at work about how it appears like you're on the Internet a lot? I don't use this phrase a lot, but that is a really STUPID criticism. Of COURSE I'm on the freakin' Internet a lot! I work in an Internet industry! People who work on [...]

Gaining the Edge…

So, my buddy, Angelo, loaned me his Anthony Robbins CDs on "Gaining the Edge" and "Personal Power." Now, if you know anything about me, my first reaction to this was, "what a pile of crap." But, I mundanely sit throught my routine at work so I thought, "what the hell" and listened to the first [...]