Interesting reads…

I've been overwhelmed with interesting books to check out, which complement all the leadership books I've been reading thus far. Amongst the most often name-dropped is [Emergence]( by Steven Johnson. I was happy to have read some of his work before -- I read "Interface Culture" when I was doing my Master's. It wasn't on [...]

The Knowledge Worker, Abstracted

I've spent a lot of hours pondering Collaborative Knowledge Environments (CKE) from a theoretical standpoint. Thankfully, my wife can sift through my meandering threads of concentration, leading me to a very simple nugget that explains why standards for Collaborative Knoweldge Environments are important. I think I'm on to something... A Knowledge Worker is presented with [...]


[mSpace]( is an interaction model to help explore relationships in information. Its interface combines the metaphor presented by iTunes browsing, powered by a data feed and API (Google, IMDB -- the interface works for a number of topical areas). So, people build knowledge from exploring those relationships in a constructivist manner. mSpace offers several tools [...]

The 8th Habit

A colleague of mine, Angelo, gave me [The 8th Habit: From Effectiveness to Greatness]( by Stephen Covey, as a Christmas gift. As I began to follow through on my New Year's Resolutions of starting my Doctorate and living healtheir, I chose to read the book as I worked out throughout January, finishing the book earlier [...]

Interesting statistics on our collective use of the English language to be found at [WordCount]( For example, ranking almost 87,000 words in the English language, based on their frequency of use... * Life (ranked 154) * Money (ranked 227) * War (ranked 304) * Love (ranked 384) * Death (ranked 454) * Environment (ranked 757) [...]