Other Ways to Participate in #lrnchat

Jane Bozarth(@JaneBozarth) facilitated a mini-#lrnchat last week that has spun off some very interesting activities for a one-off event of its type.

I happened upon a very engaging conversation with Paul Simbeck-Hampson (@simbeckhampson), and as we discussed and debated some of the merits of Google Wave, the use-case we referred back to, #lrnchat, highlighted something for Paul that he quickly took action on: organize a volunteer effort to produce weekly summaries of #lrnchat events.

In my opinion, this is a highly valuable opportunity for lurkers and observers of #lrnchat to participate and contribute to the community.  It’s definitely something that’s needed.  #lrnchat works great for contributors who participate in the moment, but it is often very difficult to make sense of the threads of conversation post-game — much less to put what you learned in a usable format to share with others in your organization.

If you love #lrnchat and you reslish the opportunity to really absorb what’s being discussed, the transfer from one format to another is a strong way to engrain that knowledge.

Paul has information on how to get started with this effort on the #lrnchat website.

UPDATE: The first summary is located here: http://lrnchat.wordpress.com/myths-truths/

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