“…on the internet a lot.”

How many of you out there have been criticized at work about how it appears like you’re on the Internet a lot?

I don’t use this phrase a lot, but that is a really STUPID criticism.

Of COURSE I’m on the freakin’ Internet a lot! I work in an Internet industry! People who work on the Internet who don’t spend time on the Internet don’t STAY working on the Internet!

Sure, I check out my news on cnn.com, sometimes drudgereport.com. I also catch up on gossip on moviepoopshoot.com, too. I make an entry daily here. But I’m also on ADLNet.org — duh — I create content for it and it’s the singular resource for the bulk of my professional work. I also spend time on alistapart.com — where is there better or more current information on CSS than there?

Seriously… I’m not upset at all that my boss let me know that she’s hearing this “complaint.” It’s just SO AGGREVATING that I have to even waste a minute defending myself for doing that which enables me to do the work I do.

If is the biggest criticism that whoever has this issue can pin on me, then they need to get their sensitivity meters re-calibrated, and realize the industry we’re working in, and the standard operating procedure of people who work in this industry.