[mSpace]( is an interaction model to help explore relationships in information. Its interface combines the metaphor presented by iTunes browsing, powered by a data feed and API (Google, IMDB — the interface works for a number of topical areas). So, people build knowledge from exploring those relationships in a constructivist manner. mSpace offers several tools for organizing an information space to suit a person’s interest: slicing, sorting, swapping, infoViews and preview cues.

An mSpace presents several associated categories from an information space. A user can then manipulate how many of these categories are presented and how they’re arranged. In this way, people can organize the information to suit their interests, while concurrently having available to them multiple other complementary paths through that information.

The [demonstration](, using Classical music, is a pretty solid confluence of how presentation (the iTunes interface) and data (in this case, Google) can merge to create a novel, and concurrently recognizable knowledge experience.