Moodle is now a one-click install on Dreamhost

A little over a year ago, I hung out with Martin Dougiamas, the big head behind Moodle, at the ILCE Conference in Mexico City. After spending quite a bit of time playing around with Moodle in the ensuing weeks, I humbly suggested on Dreamhost’s suggestion board that they I voted for Dreamhost to create a one-click install for people who host through Dreamhost that would auto-setup Moodle.

Fast forward about 16 months, and this just came in:


This is just a note to let you know that we’ve now completed the suggestion:

“Allow one-click installation of Moodle.”

from the category “Goodies – One-Click Installs”.

Here’s some details on the resolution of this suggestion:

Moodle is a one-click now!

Thanks again for taking the time to vote for what you’d like implemented,
it really helps us keep on task!

The Happy DreamHost Suggestation Team

Moodle FTW!!!! Think of how many microcommunities can now just start up just by clicking on “install Moodle.” I’m pretty hopeful this gets more people thinking about creating learning environments.

CORRECTION: I thought I initiated the idea, but it turns out that I voted for it. So I don’t know what I was thinking, but it’s still cool that Moodle is now a one-click install on Dreamhost.