Me and Metrics

Just a quick aside on the power of [Feedburner]( I was alerted by someone at Feedburner that my RSS feed wasn’t rendering the actual Feedburner layout and that my stats were probably off because of it. So, with a tiny bit of coaching, I got it right now (just click on the RSS icon in the sidebar to see for yourself). This morning I checked out my stats and they are through the freaking roof — On top of the 90+ people who actually visit the site, since yesterday afternoon alone I’ve had about 38 people who actively subscribe…. and that’s just since yesterday around 4:30pm until midnight last night.

If I look at the stats on the feed itself as far as live hits, I can see that there’s 25 hits from various news feed readers in the last hour alone. That’s WAY more readership than I ever thought, and most of the content on this site has not been (imho) the most consistent effort.

So thanks if you’re one of the silent masses who’ve been hitting this site and let me re-affirm that more good things are underway. I had no idea that so many people around the world (seriously — people from Athens, Greece and Riyadh??? Awesome) read up on my take on E-Learning, Flash and assorted technologies.

I feel like I owe you something more than the erratic posts you’ve had over the past two years. I’ll try and make your visits worthwhile.