Life in Perpetual Beta

"Life in Perpetual Beta" Twitter GraphicMelissa Pierce (@melissapierce on Twitter) is a Life Coach for people working in the Creative sector — so your animators, graphic designers, artists, filmmakers, musicians — maybe she’s actually a life coach for anyone who *thinks* they’re creative; I guess I should find out more.

At any rate, Melissa is making a documentary about people who are living their lives in “perpetual beta” (like Gmail).   The questions she’s looking to hunt down in her film include:

  • Is the planned life worth living?
  • If business is moving towards a collaborative and creative platform, what am *I* supposed to be doing?
  • How can I still do what I’m passionate about (and still make money)?
  • What’s next?

I’m proud to say that I actually met Melissa at the very moment that her idea spawned.   Back a few months when I met with Dan Pink and others for the Bunko Breakfast, Melissa was one of the others — in fact the only other person who came with a video camera.

Melissa is now offering people a chance to get an easy credit in the film as a Twitter Production Consultant which comes with a cool badge for your website and a t-shirt (probably from Threadless, I’d guess).   All you need to do is follow her on Twitter and hand over $20 to get your film credit/web badge/tee — and invites to actual production meetings and events.

I think (hope) the graphic above is the running t-shirt design, and while I’ll support her no matter what (I already paid), I think it’s a KILLER deal and a nice way to help a fellow creative out.

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