LETSI and the Past and Future of Interoperability Standards

Bill Brandon contacted me back in May to gauge my interest in summing up an objective perspective to make sense of the differences between IMS Global Learning Consortium, ADL and LETSI.   The article is now published on the eLearning Guild’s site as the (now) latest issue of Learning Solutions magazine.

You have to be a member to download it, but associate memberships are free, and the eLearning Guild is a great club to join in this space (*disclosure, I’m a member).

I did my best to be accurate, passionate yet objective — and I had a lot of help in fact-checking my accounting of history and in working to avoid the finger pointing and derision that usually accompanies the task of differentiating these organizations.   Obviously, as a member of LETSI I have a certain point of view.   I hope if it’s not an objective truth, it’s at least objectively truthy.

Thanks goes to Tom, Zoe, Ellen and Bill for their very constructive and informing feeback on earlier drafts.   If the article is any good at all, it’s a credit to my wife, Suzy, for doing a stellar job of helping me make more linear sense.