Leopard: The Agony of the Update

I could just punt my Macbook Pro right about now.

It’s a good thing I did a full backup last week of my drive using SuperDuper. If you’re thinking about upgrading your Mac to Leopard, here are some words of advice:

Most of you are probably okay with doing just an upgrade, in which case if Flash is working already, you’re in the clear.

But for those of you like me who are especially anal about upgrades and look at them as a time to flush out the crap and do a pristine installation of the new system, I would HIGHLY recommend not reformatting your drive to *HFS+, Case Sensitive, Journaled*…. this is a new (to me) option available to you with Leopard. Thing is, Adobe CS3 — it doesn’t like the Case-sensitive part AT ALL.I did the clean install and used Migration Assistant to get my files and preferences back into place. I kept trying to launch Flash and had nothing but issues. Then I did a completely clean installation and tried to manually install Flash again. But that kept resulting in a “Supported System Error.” Like a good boy scout, I reported it to Adobe, but then it got me thinking that it was my choice in File Systems for the disk… so… round 3, I reformatted to *HFS+, Journaled* and Flash installed just magically.

So… freaking… annoyed.

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