Learning and Knowledge Community Catch-up

Hi, I’m Aaron, and I’ve signed my organization up to do something that we don’t exactly know how to do.  Sound familiar?

It’s not entirely true for us.  Many people in my org, including myself, are part of all sorts of knowledge communities.  Now that we’re going to try and do it all official like, I figured if I could use this information, maybe others could as well.

The whole idea is still relatively young in terms of facilitating and tacitly encouraging communities of practice, especially in non-tech organizations.  People above me trust that we’ll figure it out.  I feel comfortable heading into uncharted territory and trusting that we’ll figure it out.  We start small and move fast.

But knowing what mistakes others have made might help me (and you) make fantastic new mistakes — or maybe, just maybe, find some early successes to build on.  That’d be nice, too.  Right?

So here’s what I’m thinking.  I’ve had a couple of get-togethers over WebEx with Michael Palko, Brian Dusablon and Craig (Ender) Wiggins this last year that set me, and my org, on the right path. Back in March of this year, Michael led a great initiative on Sharepoint in Corporate Learning (notes, btw, are here from that session).

I’d like to have another one with a slightly larger audience of people already doing communities in their org, and people who are thinking about doing it, to do some level setting on our various goals for communities, approaches as far as tool and people resources AND lessons learned so far.

I’ll share what I’m doing in this space and I hope you can share what you’re up to, also.  If you want to make sure we cover something in the meeting, make sure you comment on this post so as this rapidly comes together, we don’t miss anything vital. Example: I’m interested in what kind of time commitment is needed to facilitate a community tied to an organizational curriculum, like developing leadership skills.  I’m also interested in exercises that help the community become self-sustaining.

I’ll capture the session and share it with you afterwards.  Please participate and select the best dates/times to participate using Doodle.  We’ll go with the most popular time. NOTE: In the Doodle, I’m asking you for your email address when you sign up so that I can send out invites without having to hunt you down 🙂

UPDATE: The majority elected Friday, December 18 at 2pm CST to participate.  If you’re in the community-making mindset and you’d like to participate, we can accommodate 1-2 more people (we already have ~10).  We’ll be moderating a back-channel before, during and after this session in Google Wave.  Comment below if you’re interested in participating this week or, potentially in the future.  And if you need a Google Wave account, comment below, also.  We’ll get you hooked up.

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