Included Quiz Templates in Flash

> “I am creating a course using the reload editor tool. In that course I have a flash based exam. The flash exam was saved to be scorm2004 compliant. When I am trying to run the course in the sample RTE version 1.3 I get the following message: “management interface system not found”. I searched and found that this alert originated in the functions created by macromedia when saving to the scorm2004. I ignore it and finish the course. After the complition I try to view the status of the course and I see that it had been completed and it is “satisfied”, but the score is “0.0”, even though in the flash test it shows scores different than 0. My question is: could it be that it is a bug in the sample RTE or there is something wrong with the saving made by macromedia?”

While I can’t speak definitively for Macromedia’s products, what’s happening with your Flash exam sounds exactly like a problem discovered in the SCORM 1.2 Template as was included with either Flash MX or MX 2004 (or perhaps in both). The problem was identified back in early 2004, and a user who created a course in Flash was using the included quiz/exam template with the included SCORM 1.2 support built into Flash. This content would write to the LMS that the test was completed, but the score was always set to 0, no matter how the learner actually performed on the content.

I know that SCORM 2004 support was added to the Flash 8 product, and the error I’m describing existed in a different product.

As long as *some* communication is being saved from your Flash content to the Sample RTE or Conformance Test Suite, then it is reasonable to assume that all communication *should* be happening. I do not believe that the problem you are encountering is caused by the Sample Run-Time Environment.

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