I Have Nothing to Say: The Disruptiveness of Hope

I’ve had a hard time being ironic, witty or snarky over the last week.  One could argue that I’m never quite that ironic, witty nor snarky, but it’s easy to write with a bit of an edge.  It’s difficult to write good copy without an edge, and after the election, there’s just a lot less to be immediately edgy about.  Sure, the war in Iraq is still going on and actions in Pakistan and Afghanistan seem to be inflating, as well as Russia deploying missiles near Poland, which kinda reminds me of 6th grade for some reason.  The economy is still craptacular, and it looks like the marathon sidework I had has started to slow to a trickle, which may be an indicator of things to come.  The real job is still pretty good, but it’s admittedly so hurry up and wait that I’m finding myself with ample time to devote to blogging, learning how to program on the iPhone and revisiting some Flash skills.  Ample time in a down economy is a little scary.

But… I’m pretty content.  We won.  Hope prevails.  I received and gave hugs to total strangers last week on Tuesday.  I still choke up just thinking about what millions of us just started.  Logan turned 4 and we had a birthday party, which turned out awesome.  In fact, aside from having flat feet that are acting up (I’ve been limping something fierce of late), I don’t have a complaint in the world at the moment.

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